We specialize in full service residential design.  Here's how it works:

Initial Phase

1.  Fill out questionnaire below and read the FAQ’s.

2. We give you a call to discuss your project.

3. Schedule an in-home consultation. Before we meet, you complete our new client packet.

4. If we are a fit, we provide a proposed contract detailing our design fees, timeline, and other terms.

5. You give us the green light.

Design Phase

6. We get creative!  We measure and come up with a vision for your spaces.

7. We present floor/furniture plans and concept boards for your approval.

8. After finalizing the floor plans and concepts, we get to work specifying furnishings, fabrics, finishes, art and accessories from our curated list of quality vendors. In other words, the whole kit and kaboodle!

9. We present completed design boards with finish/fabric samples for each room, as well as a detailed budget.

10. Up to two rounds of revisions are included in our design fee.

Procurement Phase

11. After your approval and payment, we purchase furnishings, fabrics and other design elements on your behalf. We order all of the individual components that go into your custom pieces, such as fabric, trim, finishing, production, etc.

12. We handle all of the logistics involved in ordering, shipping, receiving and inspecting of all items.

Installation Phase

13. We schedule all of the tradespeople, such as painters, furniture refinishers, wallpaper hangers, window treatment workroom, carpet installers, electricians, etc.

14. We oversee the delivery and installation of all items purchased through us.

15. We style and professionally photograph your spaces.

16. We meet with you to wrap up the project and ensure there are no loose ends.

17. You enjoy your beautiful new home!

Furniture Plan

Furniture Plan

Design Scheme

Design Scheme